Lotto Max: $117 million to be won this week

Lotto Max: $117 million to be won this week


Quebecers will have a chance on Tuesday to win the Lotto Max prize pool which will amount to approximately $117 million. 

The prize pool will be made up of a jackpot in the amount of $70 million and approximately 47 Maxmillions.

Since the launch of Lotto Max, Quebecers have been able to win more than $3,209 million, divided into 39 jackpots in particular.

Among these 39 jackpots, three worth $70 million have already been won, the largest jackpots ever won in Quebec.

In addition to the jackpots, 192 Maxmillions, worth $1 million each, were won in the province, plus 133 shares of Maxmillions.