Love, a disposable product

Love, a disposable product


J.E. presented an excellent report the day before yesterday by Richard Olivier on planned obsolescence.

This way that manufacturers have found to limit the lifespan of their products (telephones, dishwashers, computers), in order to force us to consume. 


Before, for example, a refrigerator could last 15 years. Today, it barely lasts six years, and when it breaks, good luck fixing it!

We'll tell you that the parts you need to replace no longer exist… 

Do you remember when people used to fix things instead of throwing them away?

Your big toe was sticking out of your sock? Mom darned it!

Today, we throw away the pair of socks and buy another one…

Look at the CDs, one of the biggest scams in the consumer society.

We managed to implant in our heads the crazy idea that vinyl records (which we had listened to since our birth) were outdated. That our ears had mutated, and that we needed a new, more “techno” sound. 

So we sold our turntables, we got rid of our old LPs (which we spent our time classifying – alphabetically, chronologically, etc., according to our moods) and we replaced them all with CDs…

Love, a disposable product

Love, a disposable product

Mini-discs sold in plastic cases which broke after two weeks and which diffused a cold, compressed sound, artificial to the max and devoid of warmth and depth. 

In short, we changed four thirty cents for five cents.

And what are we doing now?

We throw away our CDs and buy our old vinyl! 

At 15 times the price!

Ditto for phones.

“Huh, don’t you have the iPhone 32, with the beeping button? But how do you live? »


Do you know what is also a victim of planned obsolescence?

The couple. Love. 

Before, the couples lasted 30, 40 years. Today, after three years, we are tired.

Everywhere, on TV, in the cinema, we are told that the only thing that matters is passion. With a capital P.

If your couple no longer makes fireworks, and if you no longer have traces of carpet burns on your knees, after spending the whole night making love in all the positions of the Kama Sutra (including the very complicated “Thai wheelbarrow”, which requires a prior visit to the Réno-Dépôt, just to buy chains and bolts), your life is boring. 

You have to change partners at more sacred. 

Divorce is one of the greatest inventions of the (over)consumption society.

A united couple needs a car, a a house and a bedroom for a child. A divorced couple, two cars, two houses and two children's rooms. 

Not to mention all the other household gadgets…

Result: more money in the pockets of traders.

And less housing available on the market. 


Yet, growing old alongside a person is still good…

Before, there was “Marriage Encounters” to repair broken couples. 

Today today, we throw our partner in the trash. To acquire a newer and more shiny

Love, a disposable product