Love horoscope for the week of 14 to 20 October 2019

Любовный гороскоп на неделю с 14 по 20 октября 2019 года

In mid-October, the stars promise a lot of change in the sphere of love. The horoscope will help to find the way to happiness, the main thing — to listen to his prompts.

Autumn is in full swing, and many members of the zodiacal circle will be forced to adjust to a new vector of development. Venus in Scorpio is not only the problem in the relationship, intrigue and jealousy, but also unbridled imagination, passion and something new in intimate terms. So tune into success in love, work on yourself and don’t forget about loved ones.


Work, worries, problems… the Sun in Libra says that Aries will be very busy this week. And no matter how I wanted to lie on the Golden sand with your loved one, it is better to work: opportunities literally bursting to life, sin to miss them. And to diversify life together and on their own: free of at least a couple hours a day to communicate with your partner and enjoyable activities.


Venus in Scorpio is a Golden time for the lonely and unrequited lovers of Bulls. The prospects to succeed in love, very close: tear off eyes from the phone, work and problems, and you will definitely see the signs of approaching love. As for the Bulls, who already have a loved one, then it’s time to invest in relationships and energetically, and emotionally to make a date, cook dinner for two, a heart to heart talk.


The twins are waiting for good news regarding love and relationships. Active Venus here will move the situation forward in a better way. Offer to get ready for this momentous moment, which will happen between 15 and 20 October: brush up on your Dating, sign up for any course, and maybe update the profile on the Dating site. Astrologers recommend the Twins to seriously improve this area to get from Venus a chance to achieve.


The changing of the moon phases will attract events that will change the habitual way of life, so important to Cancers. It might cause Cancers to get bored or look for answers within themselves. Astrologers recommend to escape any discomfort love. Communication with a loved one or family will give a lot of positive emotions. All make it work, the main thing — correctly to adjust itself and don’t be afraid to be weak with loved ones.


This week the Lions better not to meet anyone on Dating sites: good luck it will bring. Carelessness and lightness that will reward the Sun in Libra, will be deprived of the sober thoughts: you might miss something important. All the good that the Lions made star is in their own home. Here the place of power, and that at home they will draw positive emotions, inspiration and strength. Alone can to create comfort and to those who have already found love, — to improve relations.


Mars in Libra predicts the Virgins trouble. Not worth while to make any hasty decisions, especially concerning relationships. This can cause unexpected events, and Virgo will have long remember this decision unkind words. Now the patron will give the time when I will be able to change your personal life for the better. We need only to tune into subtle energy. No conflict, just quiet conversation, leisurely walk on autumn streets, the warm embrace.


It is expected some progress in love Affairs. It is connected mainly with new knowledge and the solution of problems from the past. If the Scales are afraid to meet or not want to rehash the past, you can miss the chance. Week under the patronage of Venus in Scorpio is favorable for restoring order in cases of partner and personal life. Work quietly, without shouting, nice and gently to change my position if you connect the imagination and charm.


Week Scorpions will be full of different events, so there is a risk to spend a lot of energy and very tired. This is especially affect relationship: a revitalized Venus and Pluto suggests that a home can be turbulent. Astrologers advise you to arrange yourself and your partner rest. Love is the main motivator of the Scorpion, so why not strengthen it by going to the restaurant, bright autumn date or a photo shoot?


New Dating and the first date it is better to wait. Of course, Sagittarius will want to show off to the audience, fans and admirers, but this week is not very suitable for this. Better to endure: the double aspect of Jupiter on October 17 may cause wishful thinking that have a negative impact on the further development of relations. But the Sun is in Libra, Sagittarius promises an unexpected money. They come in a very unusual way: you will fall under his feet, will fall from the sky or will go as winnings.


Communication or correspondence with an interesting person or the second half will bring Capricorns a dream come true. But sincere recognition and love impulses risk to be invaluable. So maybe it’s better to hold them yet?


Activation of Neptune in the beginning of the week indicates that Aquarians can surprise yourself and others with irrationality and emotionality. In the next seven days the mood will change from plus to minus and back, therefore it is necessary to adopt techniques for managing emotions. Outlet will be communicating heart to heart: stars give the green light analysis of the problems and joint search for solutions.


Astrologers do not predict Fish major changes in his personal life. This week will have to do the work and do with what we have. Nothing, it won’t last long: Venus in Scorpio is not forever. But it will be a lot of interesting events that will give no one a reason to smile and believe in yourself.