Loved surfing since childhood: in California, the shark killed the guy

In the County of Santa Cruz (CA), 26-year-old surfer killed by a shark. Surfing was his passion, he even earned a living at it. This writes the Kron4.

Любил серфинг с детства: в Калифорнии акула убила парня

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The coroner’s office County of Santa Cruz identified the victim of Saturday’s attack as Ben Kelly.

In a statement, officials said that Kelly was surfing near the beach of Manresa in the Northern part of Monterey Bay in the afternoon on Saturday, may 9, when he was attacked by a shark of unknown species.

The attack occurred in a radius of 100 yards (91 m) from shore, and a witness reported it to the lifeguard patrolling the area.

At that time the beach was closed to visitors, but surfing was allowed. As a precaution authorities have closed the area within 1.6 km North and South of the scene of the attack until Thursday, may 14. Were posted signs warning people about a possible attack of sharks.

The master of drones in Monterey Bay, Eric Maylander said that in the last days he was observing dozens of great white sharks off the coast. He said that he counted 15 sharks on Saturday, may 9, morning.

None of them show signs of aggressive behavior, according to Mailander.

On the web surfing business Ben Kelly Surfboards Kelly explained that started surfboards in childhood, it gave him the opportunity to develop creative and fueled his love of surfing.

“You have to feel relaxed every time you enter the water and feel comfortable on your own Board”, — he wrote.