Low cholesterol can be dangerous for women

Cholesterol – not the most pleasant thing for the health, especially if its level exceeded the norm. But a new study from the American Heart Association demonstrated that its presence is not less than a specific indicator is useful and even necessary to maintain a healthy body tone. In particular, the study was built around studying the relationship of low cholesterol levels and the risk of occurrence and development of hemorrhagic heart attack in women and the results of the preliminary phase of the study showed that low cholesterol can significantly increase this risk, especially over age.

Низкий уровень холестерина может быть опасен для женщин

To such conclusions came the scientific community soon after analyzed the results of several previous studies devoted to the real threat to the health of the cardiovascular system of women with the consumption of cholesterol less than 70 mg/DM, which is approximately 30 GM less than the standard cost. Then it seemed that the lowering of the specific cholesterol must cause heart muscle and blood vessels will work better, but the results were exactly the opposite.

Today’s study, published in the scientific journal Neurology, illustrated a direct link between heart attack risk and lowest rate of cholesterol in the blood and on the basis of the experiment it was found that women aged 25 to 45 years have an increased risk of a heart attack at too low cholesterol intake is approximately 2.2 times.

In the study involved more than 28,000 volunteers who have different health indicators and specific reactions to various chemical components. But in all cases consumption is excessively low cholesterol has been observed that long-term processes associated with memory and heart muscle was somewhat difficult, and may become the final cause of the development of the early risk of heart attack.