Lucescu calling chotoku before the new season of “abnormal”

Луческу назвав підготовку до нового сезону "ненормальною"

Mircea Lucescu

The head coach of “Dynamo” Mircea Lucescu pid hour Pres-Konferenz respown scho to zavodite COMAND in pouni Mr conception pggomoy period.

“We duzhe little hour of Pagani the time – many of traumagenic, that not pochinayuchi h us pggomoy period. Mauger, turn in 5-6 days, but h Buda s the cob”, – zaznaev rumunski fahiz.

“We’re only 17 gracw, instead of 22-23 without vorotar. TSE is not dozvole in pouni Mr pasinati chotoku normal,” – said Lucescu.

As the head coach of “Dynamo” voicing Yogo trenerski headquarters.