Lufthansa: call for strike on Wednesday, delays and cancellations expected

Lufthansa: strike call Wednesday, delays and cancellations expected< /p> UPDATE DAY

One of Lufthansa's main unions on Monday called on the company's ground staff to strike on Wednesday over a pay dispute, announcing 'delays and cancellations' in an already tense period for European aviation. 

The Verdi union has called a strike for the period from 03:45 am (01:45 GMT) Wednesday to Thursday 6 am (04:00 GMT) “to increase the pressure” on management as it demands a 9.5% wage increase, according to a statement.

The leading European air transport group has not detailed at this stage the impact for passengers, at a time when travelers are already faced with long waits at airports and series cancellations of flights, due to a lack of staff.

Lufthansa has already canceled some 6,000 flights this summer while the first German airport, in Frankfurt, intends to lighten the schedule to “further stabilize air operations”, severely disrupted for departures on vacation.

The strike on Wednesday will concern ground employees, particularly in maintenance, but also operators of aircraft towing vehicles, essential to the smooth running of the airport.

“There will be many cancellations and delays “, announced Verdi.

“The situation at airports is degenerating and employees are increasingly under pressure and overloaded due to a serious lack of staff, high inflation and the no increase for three years”, notes Christine Behle, manager at Verdi.

Since the lifting of health restrictions at the start of the year, airlines and airports have struggled to meet the sharp increase in demand after two years of slow traffic during which the sector lost many employees.

More than 7,000 employees are currently missing in the German airline sector, according to a study by the economic institute IW published at the end of June.

“Many of these employees looked for work in other branches” and “now they are lacking to meet the increase in demand”, explained the economists.