“Lugano” — “Dynamo”: online broadcast of the match of the Europa League

«Лугано» — «Динамо»: онлайн-трансляция матча Лиги Европы

Thursday, October 3, Kyiv Dynamo will play the second match of the group stage of the Europa League against Swiss “Lugano” (beginning at 22:00). Since 7 th home arena bronze medalist of the championship of the country “Stadio di Cornaredo” does not meet UEFA requirements, the team will take the Vice-champion of Ukraine 250 km away from hometown, 17-thousand stadium “Libunpack” in St. Gallen.

The correspondent of “FACTS” will hold the event online broadcast of the meeting of wards Fabio Celestini and Alexei Mikhailichenko, for which you will be able to follow the news.

Rivals in their respective leagues

Last Sunday’s opponents played matches in the Championships of their countries. Unsuccessfully launched the “Lugano” has conceded on the home field ranked last place in the table “XEmacs” — 0:1 (Karlen, 27) and with 6 points after nine rounds fell on the penultimate 9th place. A series of Lugano without a victory in the Swiss championship has grown to eight matches (three draws and five defeats). Plus the departure from the Cup of the country from the representative of the second division “Lausanne Sport” (0:3) and the defeat in the first match of the Europa League on the field “Copenhagen” (0:1).

As for Dynamo, the team of Alexei Mikhailichenko on the capital’s “Olympic” continued its winning streak in the match with “Dnepr-1” — 2:0 (Verbic, 30, Tsygankov, 80, penalty) and with 17 points in the standings of the Premier League tied for second-third places with Desna (10 points behind “Shakhtar”).

“Dynamo” against the Swiss “Lugano” — against the Ukrainians

In the history of UEFA “white-blue” have never crossed paths with “Lugano”, but 12 times played with other representatives of Switzerland (six wins, three draws, three defeats; goal difference — 18:10): with the “Grasshopper” 1:0 and 3:0 in 1982, with Xamax — 0:0 and 1:2 in 1996, with “Tun” — 2:2 and 0:1 in 2005 and 3:0 and 2:0 in 2013, with “young boys” — 3:1 and 0:2 and 2:2 and 1:0 in 2017 (the only case where the Dynamo in one season crossed with the same opponent twice).

In turn, the “Lugano” only played against teams from Ukraine. In the season 2001/2002 the team in the Champions League qualification over the two games lost to Shakhtar (0:3 away, 1:2 — home).

«Лугано» — «Динамо»: онлайн-трансляция матча Лиги Европы

In its last match on Swiss soil Dynamo 2 November 2017 thanks to a goal by Vitaly Buyalsky defeated “young boys”

Day in history

Since the start in the European Cup in 1965, FC Dynamo Kyiv five times to hold the matches on October 3 and have not suffered on this day, no defeat: the Norwegian “Fredrickstad” in 1973 in his field — 4:0 (Troshkin, Kolotov, Buryak and Blokhin), the stadium of the Bulgarian CSKA “Septembris th” in 1979 the 1:1 (beet), with the Finnish “Kuopio” in Kiev, in 1990 — 4:0 (Salenko, Litovchenko — 2, Yuran), with the team from Zagreb native “Olympic” in 2012-m — 2:0 (Gusev, Pivaric, own goal) and the Austrian “rapid” on the road in 2013-m — 2:2 (Yarmolenko, Dibon, own goal).

The Dynamo is more expensive by almost four and a half times

According to the authoritative German portal transfermarkt. de, the total value of the players, “Dinamo” more structure “Lugano” almost four times (97,8 million euros compared to 22.4 million).

The Quartet’s most expensive players of the Swiss club are: Brazilian forward Junior Carlinhos (3 million euros), goalkeeper Noam Baumann (2.0 million), midfielder Mattia Bottani (1.5 million) and defected from the Russian “Ural” football player middle line Marco Aratore (1.3 million). Six performers “Lugano” (the Swedish striker Alexander Gerndt, Italian midfielder Nicola Delmonte, the Hungarian player of the midline Balint Vescey, Slovenian midfielder the Domain Cernigoi, defender of NUMA Lavanchy and midfielder Sandi Lovric, at which Slovenian and Austrian passports) are worth 1 million euros.

The six most expensive players of the Ukrainian club formed: Victor Tsygankov (20 million euros), Slovene Benjamin of Verbic, Vitaly Nikolenko (both 6 million), Spanish Sol (5 million), Hungarian Tamas Kadar and Serhiy sydorchuk (4.5 million).

«Лугано» — «Динамо»: онлайн-трансляция матча Лиги Европы

The most expensive football player “Lugano” — Brazilian forward Junior Carlinhos

Tcoach with the Italian passport

The coach of the Swiss “Lugano” Fabio Celestini, which also has an Italian passport, 20 years old made his debut in the club “Lausanne”, for whom he played five seasons. In 2000, the midfielder moved to France, where he played for “Troyes” and “Marseille”. Later in his career was the Spanish Levante and Getafe, and again, “Lausanne”, who at that time in the second Swiss division.

Celestine coaching career began in 2013 as an assistant coach of the Spanish “Malaga”, later he headed the Italian “Terracina” and the Swiss “Lausanne Sport”. In the past year (by an amazing coincidence, 3 Oct) specialist, the asset is 35 games in the national team of Switzerland, adopted the “Lugano”.

«Лугано» — «Динамо»: онлайн-трансляция матча Лиги Европы

43-year-old Swiss Fabio Celestini

Stadium in St. Gallen

The arena, called “Libunpack” (in honor of the title sponsor of the stadium) was opened in 2008. By the way, the stadium in St. Gallen, is able to take on international matches 17 317 fans — part of the city’s shopping and entertainment complex, construction of which along with a arena at a cost of 340 million dollars. By solar panels located on the roof, “Libunpack” provides itself with electricity.

«Лугано» — «Динамо»: онлайн-трансляция матча Лиги Европы

It looks like the stadium in St. Gallen

Prize Of The Europa League

For an exit in the group stage of the Europa League “Dynamo” will receive 2.75 million euros. Each victory in the group is estimated at 570 thousand euros, each draw is 190 thousand. Winners will receive an additional 1 million euros, the second team — for 500 thousand.

For access to the 1/16 finals clubs got 500 thousand euros, in 1/8 — 1.1 million, in ¼ — 1.5 million in the semifinals 2.4 million, almost 4.5 million, for the victory of another 4 million

In addition, Dynamo club, which occupies the 30th position (sixth among participants of League of Europe) in 10-year ranking of the UEFA, get even 3,045 million euros for the historic achievement.


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