Lukashenko pointed to the threat to the independence of Belarus from the ‘certain forces’ (PHOTO)

Лукашенко указал на угрозу независимости Белоруссии со стороны 'определенных сил' (ФОТО)

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko saw a threat to the independence of Belarus from the “certain forces”. “I wish it was Belarus. She was in the centre of Europe, stable, untouched by boundaries that we ourselves happiness was produced and tested. That is, I want to see Belarus free and independent, so that our children could go somewhere, return to your piece of land”, – quotes the President’s speech on Friday at the Academy of management under the President of Belarus state news Agency BelTA.

According to Lukashenko, Belarus does not pretend to be someone else, and only strives to keep its. “Quietly, quietly, gradually creating their well-being on this earth. God forbid, we will begin to interfere with the neighbors. And even worse, if… And look at us some, remembering the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, the Soviet Union and other”, – said the head of state.

The Belarusian head of state stressed that “times have changed” and added that Minsk is ready for “any unions, any “Speeches”, but we are a sovereign and independent, and have to see their interest.” “And all this for the benefit of our children. And for this we need to have defense, to control all processes,” – said the Belarusian President.

That is why Lukashenka wants Belarusians “never from under the lashes were not administered”. “We are ruled processes in the country and determined its future. It is important that you want to keep. Everything else you can buy,” said he.