Lunin told anyone in “Real life” the most powerful shot (video)

Лунин рассказал, у кого в "Реале" самый сильный удар (видео)

Andrey Lunin

21-year-old goalkeeper of Ukraine national team, whose contract belongs to real Madrid, told one of the players of real hardest.

“Of “real” is – bale. His snake flies.

At Valverde, a strong blow, Casemiro – gun. A lot of players, actually,” he said Lunin in an interview.

In addition, the Ukrainian admitted that in the “Real world” have been given the job for six months to learn the language.

“Speak normally. In the “Real world” told me that in six months I pulled the language so I could speak to and understand. I was given teachers. 6 months once a week and practiced 2 hours with him, another 2 hours by myself. It was very difficult, I did not understand the language in principle. Before moving to Spain for 3 months I taught English to at least some knowledge to have to communicate some. And Spanish is quite different, and offers different construction. They speak much faster.

The first 2 months head live was in full swing. I didn’t understand, thought is not learned. I was promised that the charges would take this teacher to me were prompted to translate. On the last day before departure I was told that he’s not going to I was used to. I was scared, but nothing went right.

I still have a bit of luck. Navas (keylor Navas – the goalkeeper, later transformed into a PSG – approx. at this point began to learn English. We’ve talked to him every day for a little talking. I spoke Spanish, and I told him in English. I listened to the Spanish, he listened to English. For the fees slightly tightened language,” said Lunin.

In the second half of the current season Lunin protects colors of the club Segunda – “Oviedo” on loan.