Lupita Nyong’o was not taken in the series due to too dark of skin color

Lupita nyongo admitted, what prejudice she sometimes faced throughout his career. It turned out that once she even took in a series of too-dark color.

Люпиту Нионго не взяли в сериал из-за слишком темного цвета кожи

A situation occurred during one of the auditions. Actress wanted to play the role in the television series, but she refused.

I once auditioned for a project and was told that I have too dark skin to play on TV

― said Lupita.

Люпиту Нионго не взяли в сериал из-за слишком темного цвета кожи

The star of the movie “Black Panther” believes that it is a vivid manifestation of colours ― a situation when among people of the same race will have the advantage of one whose skin is relatively lighter.

My sister is five years younger than me, and it is much lighter. It was called cute and beautiful,

recalls Nyong’o. While Lupita herself in his address such compliments are not heard at all, so she’s long believed himself to be unworthy of more.

Five-Year Lupita

I grew up, definitely feeling uncomfortable with my skin color because I felt that everyone around me was awarded a lighter shade,

― admitted the actress.

Lupita believes that the colours is the son of racism. According to the actress, if people with light skin are privileged in society, then this phenomenon is directly related to racism.