Lviv mayor Sadovy said the decision of the Lviv city Council on “the Carpathians”

Мэр Львова Садовый пояснил решение Львовского горсовета по "Карпатам"

Andriy Sadovy

The mayor of Lviv Andriy Sadovy said the decision of the Lviv city Council on transfer of a long-term lease of FC “Karpaty” land of the stadium “Ukraine” in exchange for the transfer of corporate rights of the club in possession of the territorial community of the city.

“It all depends on many factors. Now “Karpaty” have two owners. This Petro Dyminsky and Igor Kolomoisky, for 50%. I don’t understand why they refused funding. If “Karpaty” they do not need, the city of Lviv, this club is always interesting. But you need to ask the owners about it.

The Council’s decision opens the way. What is the purpose: to create a national team. This is a fallback if the owners of the club to Finance it. We say that the city is ready to create a national team. But the owners should give the answer. We don’t know the position” – quoted interview Garden TV channel Football 1

Before the resumption of the Ukrainian championship Karpaty are at the bottom in the standings. The club due to financial problems was forced to let go of their best players and go into economy mode.