Lyashko ribbed Gerus in the courtroom: “shorts are not admitted”

Ляшко пошутил над Герусом в зале суда: «Трусы не приобщили»

Today in Kiev held a hearing on the case of a fight between the leader of the Radical party Oleg Lyashko and the Deputy of the “Servant of the people” Andrew Gerus at Boryspil airport. The meeting is widely publicized in the press, and the best moments are made public, the newspaper reports Letters.

One such moment was the stage when the lawyers of the prosecution listed the evidence submitted to the investigation agencies and the court. At the beginning of the trial, the lawyer Lyashko said that the actions of the former MP there is no crime. The human rights activist also stated that the examination of a Gerus performed 5 days after the incident at the airport.

Ляшко пошутил над Герусом в зале суда: «Трусы не приобщили»

Also, the lawyer Lyashko noted an important detail. She drew the court’s attention that the Gerus after the fight, wrote on his Facebook page that he’s all right, suffered only a shirt. Later he found minor injuries. Similar data himself Gerus gave law enforcement the next day after the fight. In the interrogation report States that he has no claims to Lyashko and his property was not affected.

The lawyer told the court that the evidence was seized shirt 11 November, and the fight took place on 6 November. Lyashko added that the Protocol States that in the groin area Gerus was discovered damaged and asked whether there was filed his briefs.

Concluded lawyer the fact that Lyashko not need to be detained, as it is not going to hide and there is no risk of pressure on witnesses or other participants in the process.