Lytton faces wildfires again

Lytton faces wildfires again


A large wildfire began spreading Thursday near the town of Lytton, British Columbia, which had been completely devastated by fires just over a year ago.  

The blaze broke out about 1.7 kilometers northwest of Lytton on the west bank of the Fraser River, the BC Wildfire Service said.


The extent of the fire was estimated at 200 hectares Thursday evening and was classified as out of control.

Three four-person initial attack teams and one unit team of 20 people were sent to the scene with the support of two helicopters and air tankers. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) is also present in the intervention.

A fire management team has also been deployed to take command of operations over the next few days.

The ground teams remained present throughout the night, while around 40 additional people were to be sent to the scene on Friday morning.

“For the moment, the cause of this incident is unknown and makes the subject of an investigation. Fire origin and cause specialists have been deployed,” the fire department said.

“Thick smoke, accessibility and terrain present challenges for personnel,” it was added.

While no impact to nearby highways was reported Thursday evening, several evacuation orders have already been issued, including in the Thompson Nicola Regional District and for Lytton First Nation.

Nearly 19 wildfires were active in British Columbia as of Friday morning, while 277 such fires have been recorded so far this year in the province.

Recall that a major forest fire ravaged the municipality of Lytton in June 2021 and killed two people.