Maciej Musiał was very fond of Internet users. It was about the latest publications

The young actor is active on social media informing viewers about his professional and private escapades.

Maciej He must have fallen on the Internet. It was about the latest publications

He is mainly associated with the series Tomek Boski, who played as a child. In the sitcom “” he played the oldest of the three sons of Natalia and Ludwik Boski.

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Born in Warsaw on February 11, 1995, the actor and TV presenter would seem to be an adult and responsible person who, as a public figure, has a significant influence on his fans. It was he who assured us to the last straight from the glass screens and the billboard.

Maciej Musiał as the health and life ambassador?

Now the media reports that Maciej Musiał, by advertising varnishes for when driving a car, it can create a serious traffic hazard. The actor wanted to kill two birds with one stone by advertising the show on a popular platform while recommending a nail polish associated with the show.

Due to the fact that the times are extremely strange and incomprehensible, his dark-painted nails did not make anyone feel unheard of, and he drew the attention of Internet users who watched the materials published by him on June 24 this year.

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The photo and video footage shows Maciej behind the wheel while driving, for which & oacute; Her legs are thrown over the legs of the girl sitting across the passenger seat in such a way that her back is most likely leaning against the door.

Maciej ostentatiously fills the hand placed on the friend's legs with his fingers to show the dark colored nails as much as possible . In the comments, Internet users infected their indignation with the extreme irresponsibility of the driver who allowed the passenger to sit in such a way.