Made in the United States official list of trading partners of the fictional country

The Department of agriculture called the country of Wakanda, which signed a free trade agreement, despite the fact that it is a fictional Kingdom from the comics and movie “Black Panther,” writes the BBC.

США внесли в официальный список торговых партнеров вымышленную страну

Photo: screenshot YouTube video

A spokesman for the Department said the name of the fictional country was added to the list for test purposes.

In the online list of tariffs on the Ministry’s website had posted a detailed list of goods traded by the two countries, including ducks, donkeys, and cash cows.

In the Marvel universe of Wakanda — homeland of the East African superhero Black Panther.

The country was removed from the list shortly after the American media began to ask questions about it.

After that, the networks were jokes about the fact that States have begun a trade war.

Of wakanda first appeared in the comic “Fantastic four” in 1966. In addition, it is an action of last year’s Oscar-winning film.

“Bomb Agrabah”?

Curiosity on the Department’s website found a programmer from new York Francis CEng, who was looking for tariffs on agricultural products to apply for the grant.

When he first saw the Wakanda in the list, he is very confused: “I thought I remembered wrong country from the movie and mixed it with something else,” said CEng in an interview with Reuters.

США внесли в официальный список торговых партнеров вымышленную страну

Screenshot from Twitter/@fmsys

After Wakanda was removed from the list, the press service of the U.S. Department of agriculture told the Washington Post that the fictional country added for “staff training” and she never had to get out into the open.

“Information about Wakanda was supposed to be removed after testing, and now she had removed”, — concluded the Agency.

In social networks a curiosity embraced with imagination.

“The US government has ruled out the Wakanda from the list of partners on free trade. Expect trump will announce that he is going to bomb the agraba,” writes user @NerdyPolitics15, thinking about the fictional Sultanate of disney’s “Aladdin” (in 2015, the dawn of a political career of Donald trump, 41% of supporters have supported the idea of bombing this country in the survey where asked this question).

“My government says I can’t travel to Cuba and can no longer trade with Wakanda. I don’t like my government,” polosatik American Jennifer bland.

“I am sure that Wakanda wouldn’t trade with us,” says user @AgencyObservat1.

This is not the first case when the fictitious country is in the real world.

In 2017, the former Minister of foreign Affairs of Poland Witold Waszczykowski told reporters that he met with representatives of a number of countries to discuss the application of Poland for accession to the UN security Council — for example, Belize or San Escobar. However, the second of these States simply do not exist.

Sometimes there are countries disappear from view: in 2004, in guide to European Union map of countries-EU members unexpectedly showed Britain without Wales.