Made powerless: the star of “the Matchmakers” explained why he left the series

Сделали бесправным: звезда «Сватов» объяснил, почему покинул сериал

Actor Anatoly Vasiliev, known for playing Yuri Kovalev in the notorious television series “Matchmakers”, told why she decided to leave the project.

The reason for his decision, he shared in the comment to the edition “TV Program”.

According to the actor, after the series began to remove the other Director — the first seasons were filmed under the direction of Yuri Morozov, and after it was replaced by Director Andrey Yakovlev series has lost all meaning and interest.

The characters are superficial, that is immediately noticed by the audience. The actors ceased to feel creative freedom, which is very important in their profession.

“I left because we had no rights as people loved the characters, really improve our film and make a movie of the series” — said the actor.

Сделали бесправным: звезда «Сватов» объяснил, почему покинул сериал

Vasilyev said that Yuri Morozov allowed all the actors of the show to “pump” their characters, due to which they became more lively and a favorite for spectators. After the arrival of Yakovlev given the opportunity artists have taken and they had to play strictly according to the script. In order not to lose their identity, the actor decided to leave the project.

As previously reported “FACTS” from the series “Matchmakers” went another hero — alcoholic Mitya, whose role was played by the famous actor Nikolay Dobrynin. According to Anatoly Vasilyev, care Dobrynin caused by the same — actor grew out of his role, but he cut the wings and not allowed to make their own adjustments to the character.

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