Madonna has posted a video in a General’s uniform with the celebration of its 61st anniversary


Madonna shared with my subscribers a video showing how she rejoiced at the celebration of its 61st anniversary. The celebrity has again surprised fans by appearing at a party in his General’s uniform and shorts.

Мадонна опубликовала видео в генеральском мундире с празднования своего 61-летия

Star 16 Aug celebrated the day of birth. As usual, the singer staged a noisy party, which was rich in detail. The event in honor of her 61 birthday was invited numerous guests, as well as a variety of artists, including the band playing only drums. However, the main person in a secular party, was a singer who all their outfits emphasized a new image of Madam X, which she uses since the release of the eponymous album. As always, the birthday girl was able to stand out from the rest of the guests, appearing in his General’s uniform, hat and shorts.

Netizens were left in awe of the image of the idol, immediately by writing to the address of a celebrity a lot of compliments and declarations of love. Video party quickly began to gain popularity and approving the huskies.