Madonna sued fan

With Madonna, which was accused of racism because of the pictures in Twitter, intends to sue her fan. The man is required to pay damages for the concert, which will begin later than the scheduled time, reports the with reference for Today.

На Мадонну подал в суд поклонник

Angered by a fan sues the star, because that, in his opinion, breached the contract between the artist and the viewer. The thing is that Nate Hollander, namely the so-called fan of Madonna, purchased three tickets for the future show the pop Queen, which will take place on 17 December at the Fillmore Miami beach. Initially the concert was scheduled for 20:30 local time, and after the singer changed it to 22:30.

Hollander filed a lawsuit against Madonna in the court of the County of Miami-Dade County. He argues that changing the start time of the show is a breach of contract between the singer and the buyer of tickets.

In addition, three tickets did Nate pay 1025 dollars, but since the show was moved to a later time, he claims that he and other ticket holders “suffered losses”.