Magda Gessler reveals what is the greatest barbarity for cold soup. What is it about

A famous restaurateur revealed the secret of a good cooler.

 Magda Gessler reveals what is the greatest barbarity for cold soup. What's going on

When it gets warm, it's time to replace the chili with something good, a bit cooler. Keep cool in the heat.

Cold soup recipe and what not to do to keep it full of flavor

A famous restaurateur instructed the viewer on the important aspect of making cold soup. She stated that the essence of good taste is the freshness of products, and above all the right size of the pieces that we put in the soup. Magda Gessler informed that the greatest barbarity for the cold soup is to use a grater to grind the vegetables and vegetables used in the recipe.

INGREDIENTS 2 portions

  • 500g kefir
  • 100g boiled or marinated beetroot
  • 100g fresh cucumber
  • 10 onion leaves
  • a pinch of fresh dill
  • 1 egg s & oacute; l for flavor FOR SERVING
  • 400 g of boiled potato
  • dill, chopped, to taste


Step 1/3 Finely chop the vegetables: cucumber, beetroot, onion leaves and dill. Mix them all in a large bowl.

Step 2/3 Pour kefir over the vegetables, season with salt to taste, mix and set aside for a few minutes (the longer the mixed vegetables stand, the tastier the soup will be).

Step 3/3 Pour the soup into bowls, cut the boiled egg into pieces into bowls. Cold soup is served with hot boiled potatoes with dill.

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