Maintenance of the Laporte bridge: Marchand has the impression that it is “a mess”

Laporte bridge maintenance: Marchand feels it's «a mess


The mayor of Quebec, Bruno Marchand, is demanding clear answers from the next government on the state of the Pierre-Laporte bridge and deplores that the fragmented information gives the impression that the file is “a mess”.  

“The problem is that the amount of news for a few weeks or even months has made us fear that there is no captain in the ship. […] Currently, what comes out in dribs and drabs gives us the impression that it's a mess, a brothel. I'm not saying that's the case. I say that the information that citizens have, that we have, [creates] doubts, questions, and we have no answers.”

Mayor Marchand reacted to the microphone of Radio -Canada on Tuesday to information from the Crown corporation to the effect that structures installed on the Laporte Bridge for painting and metallization maintenance had to be dismantled to relieve the lines damaged by corrosion.

< p>During this election period, the mayor of the capital is asking the future prime minister to “quickly” appoint a transport minister. “We have to take stock. We need to have the information.”

He also reiterated that there should be no debate on the maintenance of the two existing bridges between Quebec and Lévis, which are essential in his view. The third link cannot be a replacement link, he replied to those who use this argument to promote a tunnel project between the two shores.