Maisie Williams spoke of the difficulties faced in the “Game of thrones”

The actress admitted that her sexuality hindered the series.

Мэйси Уильямс рассказала, с какими трудностями столкнулась в «Игре престолов»

While Macy’s in real life became more Mature, her character from “Game of thrones” was supposed to look like a child.

Despite the fact that Macy was 16 or 18 years old to look like she was 12 and 14. Moreover, the period of filming coincided with puberty Actresses, so Williams had a really hard time. Macy had to hide some parts of her figure.

“Arya still tried to masquerade as a boy, so I short cut it off, covered with mud, and visually increases the nose, to give me greater masculinity,” says the actress.

However, the transformation of appearance was not the only challenge that had to face Macy.

“I also tightened the corset on my chest to hide it. I felt terrible for half a year. And terribly shy,” admitted Williams.