Maizerets: no waves for the insertion of the tramway

Maizerets: no waves for the insertion of the tramway


The insertion of the tram in the Maizerets sector did not raise waves during the information evening organized last night by the City of Quebec in virtual format.

The written questions of the hundreds of citizens connected online focused mainly on local issues and details. Moreover, there was no fundamental questioning of the megaproject or of this portion located most to the east of the route of the future tramway.

Several questions related to road traffic. Left turns, the way to travel on shared streets or traffic management at the intersection of boulevard Henri-Bourassa and chemin de la Canardière were raised. Fears about access to residences and private parking lots were raised.


The people in charge of the tramway project office then explained , in detail, the ways of getting around in the area, agreeing that there will be changes to the habits of motorists.

The absence of incentive parking at the D’Estimauville terminus was noted by a speaker. The city administration then reiterated that it “is not interesting” to have this type of development for this specific sector. 


The revegetation strategy to replace the trees that will have to be felled has raised some questions. The leaders of the project office have said they are betting on large-scale and large-scale trees, such as elms and oaks. 

In April 2021, the portion of the tramway route located between the pole exchanges of Saint-Roch and D'Estimauville has replaced that of Charlesbourg.

Another virtual evening of information and exchanges must take place on Monday evening, June 27, for the neighborhoods of Pointe- de-Sainte-Foy and the Plateau.

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