Major League Baseball: An Expected Return to Philadelphia

Major baseball: an expected return to Philadelphia


Philadelphia rocks to the beat of the Phillies, and the Pennsylvania squad will host a Major League Baseball playoff game at their home for the first time since 2011.  

The Phillies had a grueling end to the season, having spent the last 18 days, regular season and playoffs combined, on the road.

“I'm happy to be home , admitted the manager Rob Thomson, whose remarks were taken up by the major league baseball site on Thursday. I believe all of our players are very happy to be back home and excited to play on Friday night. Someone said it was the longest road trip in major league baseball history. I don't know if that's true, but it felt like the longest trip.”

Despite this difficult schedule, the Phillies are happy to have been able to live it all, which allowed them to increase their chemistry at the most important moment of the campaign.

“I would say we were already close to each other before the trip, but after making the playoffs, after winning the draft team series, our bond is getting stronger and stronger,” said outfielder Brandon Marsh. . It's a very special group and I'm grateful to be part of it. It was a pleasant trip, but I'm happy to be back. We're very excited to play in front of our fans.”

Winners of one of two games in Atlanta to start their divisional streak against the Braves, the Phillies will look to take full advantage of home-court advantage , Friday and Saturday, to try to access the next round.

The Dodgers still confident

Despite dropping one of their two home games to open their divisional series against the San Diego Padres, the Los Angeles Dodgers are still full of confidence.

In addition to winning 14 of the 19 games between the two teams, the best team in the regular season, with 111 wins, has more than one trick up its sleeve. Team manager Dave Roberts believes the bullpen will give them a clear advantage going forward.

“We're in a good position because there are a few pitchers they haven't had a chance to see yet, he said. I trust them all. So if we're talking about an extended series, there will be a certain feeling of familiarity that can benefit the hitters.”

“We're tied at 1-1. We see the rest of it as a three-game series and I like where our offense is at.”

Like the Phillies and the Braves, the series between the Padres and the Dodgers will be featured on airwaves of TVA Sports, Friday and Saturday.