“Make or break”: anti-tramway citizens will reveal on Thursday if they are suing Quebec City

çis gone or çbroken»: anti-tram citizens dreamed ;will be told on Thursday if they sue the City of Quebec

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We will find out on Thursday if the anti-tramway citizens' group will carry out its threat and sue the City of Quebec with the aim of stopping the project.

The information was confirmed to the Journal by lawyer Guy Bertrand, mandated by the group Quebec deserves better, on a crusade against the tramway. < /p> Lawyer Guy Bertrand

The latter sent a formal notice last week urging the City of Quebec to cease all work while other studies are carried out. A seven-day ultimatum had been given. This deadline ended Tuesday at 5 p.m. 

“It's make or break”

On Wednesday, Me Bertrand indicated that “it's make or break it breaks, but the decision is not made”. He announces that on Thursday, journalists will be called to find out more about what will happen next. “We are not late. When our firm says it's seven days, it means that in the following days, we connect.” 

He still feels he has a “very good cause” on his hands. His clients have several recourses and are studying them. “We cannot tell you today what will happen. It's confidential.” 

Last week, the Quebec group deserves better had announced the sending of the formal notice, but had also admitted not having the means to launch a dispute. judiciary, while appealing to donors. 

Interviewed on Monday by Le Journal, Donald Charette, spokesperson for the group, did not want to reveal the total amount of donations collected over the past few days. However, in his Tuesday column on CHOI, Mr. Charette revealed that Quebec deserves better has been able to raise “about $140,000” so far.   

Donald Charette, Dorys Chabot and Me Guy Bertrand.

The City remains frozen

The City of Quebec, for its part, has no intention of bending. Monday, the mayor, Bruno Marchand, decided: “We continue”. The Municipality's attorneys have sent a letter to Mr. Bertrand, in which they advise that they intend to contest “vigorously”, “any legal proceedings aimed at thwarting, slowing down or causing prejudice to this project carried out for the benefit Population”. The City is categorical: “all of the interventions of the City of Quebec have been carried out in full compliance with the laws in force”. 

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