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Dear readers ForumDaily! Over the past four years, we received a lot of feedback from people that our materials have helped to get life after moving to the USA to obtain work or an education, find housing or have a child in kindergarten, to realize themselves in a new country. Thank you for staying with us and trust you!

Сделайте свой вклад в развитие ForumDaily: мы просим вас о поддержке

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Now we want to ask YOU about the support.

Quality journalism requires a big investment and our revenues do not always cover the costs of the revision, which threatens the continuous operation of the site ForumDaily.

Our materials are available to readers totally free. We don’t introduce a paid subscription, as do many of the media, because we want Russian-speaking immigrants in the United States could easily obtain reliable information in their native language. But we would be grateful for any amountthat you are willing to share so that we can smoothly provide useful information to thousands of immigrants.

To cover all aspects of life in the United States, we now support the work of three projects:

ForumDaily New York is designed for Russian-speaking residents of the largest American metropolis and introduces them to important news and interesting places in the city, help in finding work or rental housing;

ForumDaily Woman will be beautiful and successful, every woman in immigration, will discuss how to improve relations in the family, will tell you how to build a life in the United States;

ForumDaily contains useful information for all those who have already moved to the United States or just planning a relocation, tips on how economically, but it is interesting to spend a vacation in America, how to fill in the Declaration, to find work and to organize life in the United States. However if you’re in need of reliable relocation services, you can check out the beat relocation company here for more info!

We want to continue to support their publications of all Russian-speaking residents of the United States. Thank you for your active part in the development of the site!

Always yours, ForumDaily.