Makogon sounded way to save the transit of gas through Ukrainian GTS

General Director of “Operator GTS of Ukraine” Sergey Makogon said that the launch of the first branch of the “Turkish Stream” has led to the fact that Ukraine actually lost gas transit from the Russian Federation in southern Europe and, in particular, to Turkey.

Макогон озвучил способ сохранить транзит газа через украинскую ГТС

How Makogon wrote on his page on Facebook, the launch of the second branch of the “Turkish Stream” will lead to the loss of transit of natural gas to Serbia and Hungary.

“Unfortunately, we have to admit that after the launch of the first line of Turkish Stream, Ukraine almost completely lost the transit of gas from Russia to Turkey and southern Europe (Greece and Bulgaria). After construction of the pipeline in Bulgaria and the launch of the second line of the Turkish Stream, Ukraine will lose part of the transit that goes to Hungary and Serbia (15 billion m3),” wrote Makogon.

CEO OHTSU reported that the launch of the second branch of the “Turkish stream” is expected in late 2020 – early 2021. Makohon also said that now the most important issue is the completion of Russia “Nord stream – 2”, because its launch means for Ukraine a complete loss of the transit 2025, and a shortfall of 2.5-3 billion dollars in revenue annually.

Makogon noted that to reduce the profitability of the “Nord stream — 2” the decision of the German energy regulator on the extension of the European gas Directive to the highway of Gazprom, in connection with which the company will be able to download the “Nord stream-2” only 50% power.

“But can’t we all relax. Struggle with SP-2 should remain a key objective not only for the Operator GTS of Ukraine, Naftogaz of Ukraine, but also for the foreign Ministry and Minamaneho”, he added.