Male 13 years chose the same numbers in the lottery and finally won a $323 thousand

Мужчина 13 лет выбирал одинаковые числа в лотерее и, наконец, выиграл $323 тысячи

Writes UPI , lucky numbers, selected a man from North Carolina, has paid off after 13 years of waiting.

William Goines from Southport, who for 13 years played the same lottery numbers finally received a reward in the form of the jackpot in the amount of 323 783 dollars.

The man told officials of the North Carolina Education Lottery that he went to the store Tobacco Road Outlet in Southport and bought a Cash 5 ticket using the same numbers, which he noted on the ticket for 13 years.

“These are my lucky numbers, said Goines. — They just came to me one day when I was filling out the game sheet, and since I use them”.

Goines said he was shocked when his number appeared in the drawing on Friday evening.

“I just looked between the numbers in my phone and the numbers in my ticket, said Goines. — I don’t believe it. Thought it seems to me”.

Goines said he plans to buy a new motor for his fishing boat and invest the remaining money in savings.

“I love fishing, — said the winner. Who knows, maybe winning the money, I can do fishing as his new hobby.”