Malinowski told from the inside, as in Italy and particularly in Bergamo proceeds pandemic coronavirus

Малиновский рассказал изнутри, как в Италии и, в частности, в Бергамо протекает пандемия коронавируса

Ruslan Malinovskiy

Midfielder “Atalanta” and the national team of Ukraine Ruslan Malinovsky told how, in his view, now runs the pandemic coronavirus in Bergamo and throughout Italy.

“The situation is getting better. Last week everything got better compared to how it was last month.

Of course, we stay at home. This month I only went twice to the store for groceries, on the street we do not go. In Bergamo follow all of the quarantine, and everything moving in the best direction.

In the whole of Lombardy and Italy there is a small decrease, not increase, the percentage of affected people. Is less load on hospitals, more doctors starting to come to Italy. In this respect, more healthy and less sick.

The club provided all the players are home treadmills. We have a program that we have to perform. We Roksana try to follow the rules given to us by doctors and members of the club.

If it was just the two of us, it would be harder. And so we have Olivia, we give her a lot of time. You can play, and it’s good for us at the moment,” said the player in the air “Great football”.

This season, the 26-year-old midfielder played for the Regina delle provinciali 31 games and scored five goals and gave 3 assists.