MamaRika released a warning to girls

When you’re young and naive, fall in love with someone is not the problem. The problem appears after standby does not coincide with reality: calls unanswered, unrequited feelings and a lot of girlish tears.

MamaRika презентовала песню-предостережение для девушек

This has happened to each of us. Many are experiencing this right now while listening to a new track MamaRika called “Dominica“. Listen and perhaps make very important conclusions for themselves.

As the artist herself says, in this song, she played the role of “best friend” that gives advice to all girls to keep the bad guys away:

“Domenica” — about a standard situation, when a girl falls in love with a guy, and he breaks her heart. She realizes that there is something wrong, but continues to love him because of lack of experience.

However, most MamaRika such an experience. She knows what he’s talking about:

I remember myself at that age, somewhere around age 16, when I was falling in love with those guys. Saw them flirting with other girls, I was very sick, but there was nothing I could do about it. And as much as I wanted to love you my heart spoke differently because I was small and stupid.

“Domenica” as always, MamaRika wrote with his sound-producer by Vanek Klimenko. The song was a success — a daring bomb, made in the best traditions of some folk sound MamaRika and classic R’n’b.

The moral of the track “Domenica” — not to forget about boys forever, and to learn to distinguish black from white: “Girls, listen to your friends and love yourself first“. MamaRika not bad advice.

In addition, with the release of the original version of “Domenica” was released and a Remix, on which he labored DJ Shnaps and DJ Sanya Dymov. Both one of the most sought-after DJs and electronic musicians of Ukraine.