Man discovered the stone in your own nose after 18 years

Человек обнаружил камень в собственном носу спустя 18 лет

When it comes to smuggling, it might end in failure, until a medical diagnosis. This is evidenced by the story that happened with one Australian. He filled a balloon with marijuana and hid it in the cavity of the nose. Unfortunately, “sending” remained there for almost two decades.

After 18 years, 48-year-old man went to doctors complaining of headaches. He admitted to doctors that for many years felt nose on the one hand, and recurrent infections, writes When scanning has been detected “solid gray mass” in the nasal cavity. Doctors at the Westmead hospital in Sydney performed the endoscopy under General anesthesia to remove it, and found the rubber capsule.

In the end, the medical staff heard the whole story. When the patient was imprisoned at the age of 30, his girlfriend brought him a small “gift”. To smuggle marijuana past security guards, the prisoner put her right nostril, but to get the “gift” was not easy. Trying to do this, the man pushed the object deeper. At some moment it seemed to him that the balloon slipped across his throat and “lost.” Doctors explain that losing track of the foreign body easily, if you think I accidentally swallowed it. But 18 years later it turned out that he was wrong: the ball is not lost.

Doctors call a foreign body which long were in the nose of patients, rhinolite, which translates as “stone nose”. This term quite accurately describes what steel, rubber and vegetable matter which it contained. Nasal such deposits may turn into stones in the size to several centimeters. Reality are rare: approximately 1 in 10 000 outpatients.

In the literature was only another similar Renolit formed as a result of drug smuggling. Then it was discovered codeine and opium, wrapped in a piece of nylon.

Much more often the cause of rielitos be beads and seeds which the children put into the nostrils, and the blood clots. Why the body creates stone layer around these objects, scientists still don’t know. In most cases, reality bring suffering to patients, causing a purulent discharge from the nose, headaches and unpleasant odours.

Deriving from this case the lesson, the doctors emphasize that the possibility of this diagnosis should be considered whenever the patient has symptoms that affect one side of the nose more than the other.