Manchester city can take part in the Champions League-2020/21, but under one condition

"Манчестер Сити" может принять участие в Лиге Чемпионов-2020/21, но при одном условии

Despite a 2-year suspension from the Champions League, followed by UEFA for breach of financial fair play, Manchester city have a good chance to participate at least in next season’s Champions League, reports the Daily Mail.

As you know, I disagreed with the disqualification, the citizens sent to the court of arbitration for Sport (CAS) appeal. In Lausanne have confirmed receipt of the document from the “my Teams”, but not yet ready to name even approximate date of the case and, moreover, the verdict on him.

For this reason, the current Champions of England can request the temporary suspension of the disqualification, which will allow the club from the Etihad to take part in the Champions League-2020/21. The condition will be true in the case that the CAS verdict will not be ready until June 1.

If subsequently the appeal of “citizens” will be rejected, then they will miss the next two of the competition.