Manchester city convened the players and coaches for an emergency meeting

"Манчестер Сити" созвал игроков и тренеров на экстренное собрание

Manchester City

On the eve of the leadership of Manchester city arranged a meeting with the players and coaches to inform them about the future plans after the decision of UEFA to exclude 2-year club from European competitions, according to

After the news of the disqualification of the players were sent notifications about the meeting with the Executive Director of club Ferran Soriano on Saturday. At the meeting functionary, apparently, had to tell the players how the club will act in this situation.

Recall that UEFA has excluded “my Teams” from the European Cup because of a violation of the rules of financial fair play. English club plans to challenge this decision in Sports arbitration court.

In addition, the English Premier League can lower club in a lower League.

Earlier it was reported that the Premier League will still maintain a quota of four club in the Champions League, despite the removal of the bulls.