Mandy Moore: “At 35 I feel better than in my 20”

Recently, the star of the series “we are” (This Is Us), 35-year-old Mandy Moore, gave an interview to People in which speculate on age.

Мэнди Мур: «В 35 я чувствую себя лучше, чем в свои 20»

I am very grateful for what I have in my life. Today I feel a sense of satisfaction. In our 20 years we all suffer from bouts of self-doubt and constant self-criticism. But all this doesn’t matter. Understand that everything you do is a waste of time and energy, while you can spend it on something more worthwhile. I feel better at 35 than at 20 years. I have a very healthy relationship with myself and with my body,

— admitted the actress.

Changing the approach to life, Moore said that he had changed and their system of supply.

I’m trying to understand what I fill my body, because I see a connection with how I feel then. I went to the doctor of functional diagnostics and found out that doesn’t exactly help me to feel fine: it’s cow’s milk, gluten, salmon, soybeans and apricots. I removed them from your diet, and it changed the world. I have more energy and almost gone digestive problems,

— shared the star.

Moore has also partnered with a Wellness company Nature’s Way, which this year celebrates its 50th anniversary.

I am a fan of Nature’s Way for many years. Always drinking their elderberry supplements. They have a terrific flavor, and they support the immune system. I also drink a multivitamin. Usually feel better when they start taking them

says Moore, who seems to like Supplement brand.

Mandy says that no beauty secrets and she doesn’t. Set the standard: she plays sports, trying to sleep, drinking vitamins and aware of the importance of mental and emotional health.

It is about how you communicate with yourself and how you speak about others

— concluded the actress, who is also involved in various practices, including guided meditation.