Manual Napoli fined the captain of the team for a third of a million euros

Руководство "Наполи" оштрафовало капитана команды на треть миллиона евро

The ringleaders of the “mutiny” – Allan (left) and Insigne

Manual Napoli fined the captain of the team, Lorenzo Insigne for 350 thousand euros, representing 50% of the gross monthly salary of the player of the Italian national team, according to Gazzetta dello Sport.

In addition, half of the monthly salary will be deprived of midfielder Allan. However, the amount will be modest – only 200 thousand

Recall that between club President Aurelio De Laurentiis and players had a serious conflict. Due to the unsatisfactory results of the team, the club owner decided to punish players by requiring them to located on the training facility. But the players did not obey.

It is noted that the ringleaders of the rebellion were defined precisely Insigne and Allan.

Add that Insigne was not included in the application for the away leg of the Champions League against the “Liverpool, which will take place at Anfield on 27 November.

After 13 rounds of Serie A, Napoli is on 7th position, the gap behind the leading Juventus – 15 points.