Many came to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, memorial Day (PHOTO)

Многие пришли к Законодательному собранию Онтарио в День памяти павших (ФОТО)

This memorial Day in Toronto without stopping leisurely falling snow, hundreds of people gathered near the building of the legislative Assembly of Ontario to pay a tribute of respect, gratitude and memory.

Major Paul Como, the host of the ceremony said, remembering those men and women, Canadians Express their appreciation for the fact that they have made a significant contribution to our democracy, our freedom and our future.

Brigadier General Conrad Mialkowski said that Canada is the true North, strong and free, thanks to those who fought for peace.

He is confident that today military personnel of the canadian Armed Forces derive their strength, understanding that following in the footsteps of those who have served the country so honorably.

Premier Doug Ford stated that, in a time when Canadians pay tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice, people should focus on what unites the country and not on the fact that it is shared.

The ceremony was held at the veterans Memorial on, where the next year will be held a solemn event in honor of veterans of the war in Afghanistan.