Many do not even know: 10 things that covers home insurance

Most people realize that their insurance will cover the cost of damage, if a tree falls on the roof or in the garage there was a fire. However, many insurance plans cover a number of other losses. This writes the Money Talks News.

Многие даже не подозревают: 10 вещей, которые покрывает страхование жилья

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Of course, it goes without saying that every insurer is different and you should check your insurance terms to determine what coverage you specifically. When you do, you may find that you have insurance for the following things.

1. A terrorist attack

Until the United States are at war, your insurance company should pay for any damages caused by a terrorist attack.

Most insurers specifically exclude military action, but a single event that results in fire or other damage to your property should be covered under the standard provisions of your insurance.

2. The contents of a Dorm room

When your son or daughter go to College, your home insurance can also protect their property. But this is only the case if they live in a Dorm.

3. Your lawn and landscaping

If someone will pass by your yard and throw up the grass, your insurer will have to pay to repair the damage or pay for tree pruning/cutting, says Mike Crowe, founder and CEO Clearsurance, web site review and evaluation of insurance services.

This is because trees, plants and shrubs is usually covered by standard insurance policies homeowners. The Institute of insurance information says that the plants are usually covered up to $ 500 per unit if they are not sick and are in proper condition.

4. Marijuana plants

Surprise. Marijuana also can be insured.

According to Crowe, depending on insurance company and state law, the marijuana plants can be treated in the same way as the shrubs and other plants.

5. Stolen goods

Speaking about personal things, if you stole things away from home — anywhere — standard insurance should cover these losses.

“People assume that if something is stolen from their car is covered by auto insurance, says Crowe. — It is not”

Instead, the damage to compensate the insurance of the property.b

6. Falling objects

A Michigan couple was surprised to find that companion Samsung has landed in their yard. Despite the fact that he didn’t inflict any damage, if it struck their home, their insurer will probably pay for any repairs.

The Institute of insurance information says that falling objects — from satellites to asteroids covered under most standard insurance policies.

7. Drones

Speaking of falling objects, your insurance can come to the rescue if your drone falls and hit someone.

The insurance information Institute reports that part of the liability can provide insurance if you hurt someone or you will be sued for the unintentional invasion of privacy of another person.

8. Items in stock

You can assume that your home insurance only covers items in your home. However, standard policies usually cover your personal belongings, including things that are stored outside the home, for example, the cell or storage room.

According to the insurance information Institute, some companies limit coverage for items in storage, up to 10% of the sum insured of the home.

9. Rotten food

If you disconnect the power and all the products in your freezer go bad, you may be lucky.

The insurance company can replace the food that spoiled as a result of tripping. This means that if the tree breaks the line, you may file a claim for spoiled food. But if the electricity is shut off for nonpayment, you will not see a penny.

10. Unauthorized credit card purchases

Given that many credit cards offer customers zero liability for fraud, insurance against unauthorized purchases may not be necessary. However, according to the insurance information Institute, it is nice to know your insurer will pay up to $ 500 to cover unauthorized credit card payments.