Many killed, dozens wounded in weekend USA faced a wave of executions

Last weekend (January 18-19) was full of events. Unfortunately, not only happy, but also tragic. These days in the USA, a wave of executions. Many were killed and many more injured.

Многие убиты, десятки ранены: в минувшие выходные США накрыла волна расстрелов

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Shooting in Missouri

The police of the city of Kansas city (Missouri) stated that at least two people were killed and 15 people were injured in a shooting outside the bar. This writes Fox News.

The shooting occurred shortly before midnight on Sunday, January 19. Police captain David Jackson reported that officers found a “chaotic scene” and were forced to call for help from all over the city.

A man and a woman were found dead. The police believe that the shooter was one of the victims. The shooter opened fire on a queue of people waiting for entrance to the bar, but the motive of the shooting were not immediately clear.

The shooter tried to get into a night club called 9ine Ultra Lounge when a fight broke out. The police officer reported that the gunman opened fire and was ultimately shot and killed by armed security guard.

During the investigation, police learned that at least 15 people went to the hospital with injuries. Three of them are in critical condition.

This evening the club was named as “Sold Out Sundays”, and became the evening for Kansas city in the super Cup.

“It’s just a tragic end such a wonderful day in Kansas city”, — said Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker. — It’s hard to stand here and speak about this tragedy in a truly one of the best days that Kansas city has experienced in a long time.”

Shooting in Texas

According to the authorities of Texas, the search for the shooter, who killed 2 people and injured 5, continues, writes USA Today.

The police reported that officers were called at about 20:00 on 19 January in the club “Ventura”.

The chief of police of San Antonio William McManus said inside the club dispute broke out between a group of people, and one man pulled a gun and started shooting. One victim died at the scene, and six more were taken to hospital, where shortly after the arrival of another victim was declared dead.

The victims ‘ names were not disclosed, the only thing known — the deceased were a man.

McManus said he is confident that the suspect will soon be identified and arrested.

Shooting in Utah

Police Grantsville (ut) announced that on 17 January night a teenager shot the woman and three children. The suspect was arrested at a local hospital after he accompanied the wounded. According to police, the wounded man must survive, writes USA Today.

Police captain Rhonda fields said all of the victims or linked, adding that investigators find out the relationship between all participants. Teenager charged with aggravated murder.

“As for motive, we don’t know,” said fields.

Governor Gary Herbert said that the law enforcement officers of the state helped the local police in the investigation.

“Parents, grandparents, tightly hug their loved ones. And remember that love, not hate, will heal the broken people and families,” said Herbert.

Grantsville is a city of 10,000, located about 30 miles West of salt lake city. The job of mayor Brent Marshall usually is to encourage communication with children and warn residents not to leave cars in the Park during snow storms.

This weekend Marshall played for the mourning community.

“This is a tragic event. It affects everyone and doesn’t matter small town or big, said mayor Brent Marshall. -People know each other, and this has an emotional impact on everyone.”

Neighbor Lori Bach said he knew the family for 10 years, and they were happy and sociable.

“I pray for the family, with whom it happened, and survivors, which will be very difficult, — said Bach. — They were a really good family.”

Patty Deakin-Daly, the administrator of a community page, Tooele County 411, started an online fundraiser for the family. A mother and her three minor children were killed, her husband injured.

On 19 January, already has raised over $31 000.

“The family now has to pay a very expensive funeral and medical expenses associated with this tragedy, said the Deakin-Daley in his post. — There will be a lot of expenses, including cleaning and repair.”

The school district said a crisis team will provide consulting services to students.

“We are deeply saddened and shocked upon hearing of the events, — reads the statement of the district. — We wish to Express our sincere condolences to those affected. It is important that we were together, care for and support each other during this difficult time.”