‘Many people are afraid’: one of the cities in the US have been more than 50 murders over two months

From the beginning of 2020 a little more than two months, and in Baltimore (MD) has already killed more than 50 people. This writes Fox News.

'Многие жители боятся': в одном из городов США произошло более 50 убийств за два месяца

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As of March 2, throughout the city there were 52 registered homicides. According to the FBI, the main North-Eastern city in Maryland with a population of over 600,000 is one of the most dangerous in the United States.

In 2019, there have been 348 murders, it was the fifth consecutive year with more than 300 murders and the second deadliest year in the history of the city.

In a series of murders committed in the city in 2020, Baltimore is already on track to surpass the mark of 300 murders this year.

“This city has never been so, even when he was in the worst condition,” said the activist Turi Morhet.

Reverend Alvin Hathaway says that too many people in the city consider violence “as normal, as if nothing had changed.”

“Many people in the city to fear,’ said Hathaway. — This terrible time. We must take himself in hand and confront this together.”

In February, a former employee of the correctional institutions of the state under investigation, was killed, and two officers of the operative group were wounded in the shelling of a residential complex in Baltimore.

In December, the Department of justice announced a plan to increase the total number of Federal agents in Baltimore and the addition of new employees. Months earlier, the Department created a task force to combat crime connected with weapons and drugs.

The members of the task force, including FBI agents, Control of narcotics and the Bureau for the fight against alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives, working together to improve the result.

Baltimore is experiencing a period of sharp increase in the number of violent crimes in 2015, when the murder rate rose sharply amid the most violent riots in the city over the last decade since the death of Freddie gray, a colored man, who died at the police station.

In the summer the mayor of Baltimore Bernard “Jack” young said that the local government is not to blame for the increase in the number of murders in the city.

“I don’t do assassinations,” he said then. In June at a rally against the violence of weapons the mayor expressed support for other methods of dispute resolution without the use of weapons.