‘Many people need help’: a couple from Florida had to pay the rent dozens of local residents

52 residents of Key West, Florida, living in floating homes and the most severely affected by the economic impact of the pandemic COVID-19 will not be paying the rent in may, thanks to the generosity of a couple who lived in the area less than a year, says Fox News.

'Многим нужна помощь': пара из Флориды оплатила аренду жилья десятков местных жителей

Houseboat in Key West. Photo: Shutterstock

Scott and Sonja Miller, who moved to the area from Alabama paid more than $18, 000 to help all people living in floating homes in the same area.

“We are fortunate that we have the resources to do, said Scott Miller. — More importantly, we did it to — I hope — inspire others by such an act”.

The residents who helped pay the rent in floating homes, according to the correspondent of the Miami Herald, was “on the hook” of the crisis. Property prices in Key West has grown in recent years, and the houseboat is considered a relatively affordable alternative.

In March, the Millers have appealed to the mayor Teri Johnston in search of ways to help those who live in floating homes — by offering to pay someone’s arrears of rent. Rent in the area of mooring of floating homes is $of 20.32 per day or $357,58 per month.

“I have a job, I have a lot of work,” said Scott Miller, a civil engineer.

“But this whole city is actually closed. Many people need help. Why not share? This is one of the reasons we moved here,” he added.

Miller’s wife said the couple was vacationing in Key West for the last 15 years, but they are relatively not familiar with the permanent stay on the island.

Scott Miller told the newspaper that he hardly knows any of the residents of the houseboats.

“No soul,” he added.

“It helps my family more than you can imagine, — said a local resident Brandi carpenter. We live with three children in a houseboat and I was worried if I can pay the rent”.


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