Marcella Zoe repented of causing harm and creating a dangerous situation (PHOTO)

Марселла Зоя покаялась в причинении вреда и создании опасной ситуации (ФОТО)

19-year-old girl, who became famous due to appearing in February viral video, which from the balcony of high-rise building she throws the chair onto the freeway, the Gardiner finally appeared in court to hear the charges.

On Friday morning Marcella Zoe, better known as “girl-co-chair,” pleaded guilty to causing harm, dangerous to life and health of others by appearing in court for the first time since February after came to confess to the police.

13 Feb Zoe, who was accused of causing harm, property damage, and creating a source of danger to society after the camera was removed from at least one episode of dropping the chair from a tall building near York street and harbour street on February 9, was released on bail in the amount of $ 2,000.

Prosecutors sought the maximum six-month prison sentence for Zoe, whose lawyer told reporters at old city Hall today that she’s afraid to go to jail.

The girl was subsequently banned from the building in the centre of the city where the incident occurred with throwing chairs, constantly and ruthlessly scolded on the Internet and in addition expelled from the course on dental hygiene in the school.

Despite the seriousness of the charges against her accusations, Zoe missed at least five scheduled trial since his initial arrest, each time sending his lawyer, Greg Leslie, to protect its interests.

In April, Zoe said that can not attend the trial, because at the time she participated in a fashion show in Miami. Another court date was omitted from her vacation in Punta Cana.

Leslie argued in court that Zoya regrets in their actions, although some critics pointed to her wild behavior in Instagram as proof to the contrary.

And Leslie, and Zoe was hoping for probation before plea, the star of a viral video on Friday.

“Marcella and I… we studied and watched the video,” said Leslie reporters after today’s hearing at old city Hall.

“I think there is no doubt that Marcella is the man who threw a chair from the balcony, and so she pleaded guilty to that today.”

When asked about the request of the prosecution to six months imprisonment, Leslie said that he considers it “excessive”.

“We must remember that the Future of 19 years… when you are dealing with people of this age, in my opinion… the brain isn’t fully developed,” said Leslie.

“She made a mistake. I think prison is too much”.

Zoe needs to appear in court for sentencing on January 14, and we, all those who follow developments in this case, we wonder whether she’ll go somewhere this time.