March 2020 was the first in 18 years in U.S. schools did not shoot

Since the beginning of March all schools in the country are closed due to preventive measures in the fight against the pandemic coronavirus. Since that time, students of all ages master home study and online lessons, and this format will last until the end of the academic year, writes CBS News.

Март 2020 года стал первым за 18 лет, когда в школах США не стреляли

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For most students, this period became the longest in their lives, when schools of the country has not happened shooting.

First this fact was noted by the newspaper the Washington Post’s Robert Klemko. According to him, since 2002, none of the March was not without shooting in the school. And this is the year you were born most of the current high school students.

Март 2020 года стал первым за 18 лет, когда в школах США не стреляли


Data National School Safety Center, an organization that tracks the cases of use of firearms in U.S. schools, confirm information Klemko. Indeed, every March since 2002, schools have been several dangerous incidents with weapons, and March 2020, was calm in this regard. However, in March 2020, happened however the history associated with the use of weapons on school grounds, but they were not related to children.

The article 2018, published in the Medical journal New England, it is reported that firearms are the second leading cause of death among youth in the United States, immediately after a car accident. This problem is called “uniquely American”.

At the same time the sellers of firearms in the United States report record the interest of buyers to their products. A representative of one of the specialized shops said that the cause of this trend is the desire of the people to protect themselves during the quarantine and the fear of the unknown.

Given the surge in sales of weapons, human rights activists fear that the students may face a serious increase in the number of shootings in schools after the lifting of the quarantine. In addition, they warn that there is a risk of a large number of weapons and in other places.

“When the pandemic is over and we leave the reality of social distancing, all these weapons will not disappear, — said the Executive Director of Guns Down America Igor Volsky. — What do you think, will there be more mass shootings in schools, at home, at work, at concerts?”




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