Marchand is not embarrassed by his affinities with Quebec 21

Marchand is not bothered by his affinity with Quebec 21


Bruno Marchand is not offended by the affinities raised by the opposition between his party and Quebec 21 and welcomes it.

“I have [always ] said that we were a center party”, retorted the mayor of Quebec and leader of Quebec strong and proud in response to this remark which had been made last week by the leader of the official opposition Claude Villeneuve.

Mr. Villeneuve, at the head of Quebec first, hinted that the two political parties had mutual ties, with the exception of the tramway issue on which they have an opposing position.

“That you are able to ask me the question by saying [that] Quebec 21, which is more recognized as a right-wing party, has similarities with [us], I like that. I like it because it means that at the centre, we are able to rally, yes, right-wing ideas, and we have some, and, yes, left-wing ideas, plus social development, and we also have some, we believe in it,” said Mr. Marchand, praising a party “capable of forming a coalition”.

The mayor, however, recalled that “Quebec 21 will have to find meaning since it risk of having a schism”, in reference to the deep internal crisis which has shaken for several weeks the party led by Éric Ralph Mercier, isolated after the disavowal of his other two advisers.

“So, we will see next, but there [n']is nothing decided, there [n'y] is no approach that has been made”, concluded Bruno Marchand.

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