Marchand promises a “spectacular” sequel

Marchand promises «spectacular


On the eve of a “welcome” vacation, Mayor Bruno Marchand believes he has accomplished some interesting things in a short time, but “this is just the beginning and the rest will be spectacular” , he assures.

From the start, last November, Bruno Marchand found that the role of mayor was one of the most demanding. To observe him, he quickly rose to the occasion. 

First and foremost, he had to fight hard with the Quebec government to obtain the green light for decisive calls for tenders. on the tram. 

The elected official also had to show his teeth in the third link file, which he refuses to support without more facts and scientific data demonstrating its impact for Quebec. 

He went there to a strong discourse on urban sprawl, declaring that the Government of Quebec held a dangerous populist discourse and used fallacious arguments. An outing that the caquists might be tempted to make him pay for. 

No regrets 

Once re-elected and in a very majority position, as the polls currently suggest, the Legault government could indeed wait for it in the turn, when the time comes to announce the updated costs of the tramway.

Because as with all projects, these will necessarily have increased.

Mr. Marchand is well aware of this, he confides in an editorial interview, but does not regret anything, because he acted out of conviction.

And the actions of the government towards him will offer a good illustration of the reasons which push them to do politics.

“If it is by ego, they will give me a dog of my female dog [.. .] They have a choice between ego and mission. »

The role of mayor of the nation's capital also means that Bruno Marchand has a duty to speak out on current issues affecting major social issues, which are often polarizing.  

On abortion, for example, he said he feared anti-choice “cuckoo clocks”, which earned him hate messages.

Elected officials, he believes, must be better protected if we want to continue to have good candidates to go into politics.

He says he loves his job

But his job, he loves it, he says with a smile. He finds a way to stay in shape and keep his balance despite everything.

According to him, his main achievement to date consists in having questioned certain characteristics of the tramway project, and in having discussed them with the citizens over the course of 72 “good neighbor” activities.

“Concerns are normal, and they are accepted and listened to,” he assures. 

The mayor denies holding consultations when the dice are loaded, as some have criticized him for opponents.

The approach has changed and citizens can influence things, according to Mr. Marchand, who gives the example of the shared street. 

But beware, there was never any question, through these consultations, of questioning the project or its scope, as people who oppose the tramway would like. 

After so many years of studying and improving the project, this position seems wise and sensible.

Tramway committee

The mayor is now working to set up a committee of influential stakeholders in Quebec who support the project.

We must not just listen to those who disagree, and this is something that we must actually work on in Quebec. 

We will also have to see who will be appointed minister responsible for the region after the provincial election.

The mayor is far from being the only one to expect a reshuffling of the cards, which would be more desirable to clean up the climate and make Quebec shine as it deserves.

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