Marchenko: Effective fight against the shadow schemes complement the state budget 1 billion UAH

Марченко: Эффективная борьба с теневыми схемами дополнит госбюджет на 1 млрд грн

Sergei Marchenko reported on the results of the struggle against shadow schemes and the “twists” in the GNS.

Change approaches in the work of the tax has already produced tangible results for the filling of the state budget of Ukraine. This was announced today during a press conference on the current economic and financial situation and the status of implementation of the state budget, said Finance Minister Sergei Marchenko.

In particular, in June 2020, the General Fund budget received UAH 112.9 billion, the painting was made for 105.5%. Additional income — plus 5.8 billion UAH.

In General, the implementation of the June payment DPS made up 107,7%, that amounted to 6.4 billion UAH more than the monthly painting. While recovered 11.6 billion UAH of VAT.

“The fulfillment of the plan of the tax is the result of the struggle with the shadow diagrams and the “twists” in the GNS. It is a measure of the stopping schemes to pay VAT and fictitious tax credit. Such criminal phenomena in the past. The positive trends demonstrated by the amount of accrued VAT (Declaration of may), which amounts to 19.5 billion UAH. It is almost $ 1 billion higher than the corresponding figure of last year with the reduction of volumes of supply by 20 percent. Overall tax efficiency of the VAT now stands at 3.4% — and this is a record figure for a half year”, — said Sergey Marchenko.

According to the Minister of Finance, to stop the leakage of funds from the tax-managed through increasing transparency and accountability of tax authorities, personnel rotation, to improve the organizational structure of the STS, to improve the quality of the services provided to taxpayers.

“The tax authorities changed the approach to work. Today, the emphasis on the analytical component: compliance with the risk-based approach allows you to be proactive, and not with the consequences”, — concluded the Minister of Finance.