Margot Robbie filmed the comic “tank girl”

Margot Robbie is going to film the comic “tank girl”, previously did in 1995. The screens of the country came out the same film with the participation of Laura petty, but the film version was not a success.

Марго Робби экранизирует комикс «Танкистка»

Alan Martin, one of the creators of the cult in the UK comic “tank girl”, announced on the social network Twitter about the intentions of the actress. Production company Margot Robbie LuckyChap Entertainmen acquired the movie rights. The development of the painting are for several months. If the cause will take herself to Robbie, the project soon and the film will be released in wide release. However, it is unclear who, exactly, will attract immediate work on the film. Still, none of the parties involved in the project, has not shown interest in sponsoring the comic.

The project was launched by Jamie Hewlett and Alan Martin. We are talking about the film version of the story about a girl that hunts for heads, and the heroine lives in a tank and outlawed. The work saw the light in 1988, seven years after it was filmed.