Marie-Annick Lépine: a busy artist

Marie-Annick Lôpine: an artist who is not unemployed< /p> UPDATE DAY

Marie-Annick Lépine has had an enviable career with the Dashing Cowboys for 25 years. Despite the shows, she finds the energy to lead a solo career, in addition to taking care full-time of the Old Palace of L'Assomption, a new venue in her hometown. 

The artist is on “La belle tour” this Monday, on TVA, in the episode dedicated to his Lanaudière region. 

José Gaudet, Martin Deschamps, Julie Ringuette and Marie-Annick Lépine are on the show “La belle tour” on Monday, July 11, at 8 p.m., on TVA.

Here she sings “Grassy Hair” and “Le monde est beau pis laid”, two pieces taken from her most recent studio effort, 

“Entre Beaurivage et l'Ange-Gardien”, launched at the end of 2021.

Over the coming months, the violinist and singer-songwriter will not be idle. 

She is going to pay the bills with her accomplices Catherine Durand and Mara Tremblay to promote her own material. 

Between the shows of the Fringant Cowboys, of which she performs here and there the first part, Marie-Annick will go on stage with her two friends to share her poetry.

“We are three girls in the foreground, three artists who have rolled their bumps; we each have 25 years of career. We have a lot of fun together and they are happy to accompany me in this project. Mara is super happy to be able to play a lot of violin. And Catherine is my vocal partner, she's been there since my first album.”

The Old Palace, a full-time job

Marie-Annick has been the administrative and cultural manager of the Old Palace for a year, which keeps him busy all week, leaving him the weekends to go on stage.

“I work hard for it to come alive again and for there to be many activities at the Old Palace. We will make sure that people are well received, all that with a lot of love and respect for the artists; I am one, so I know what artists want in a dressing room. They want a mirror, a toilet not far away as well as a nice lunch and alcohol,” she said, laughing.

The Old Palace will host a semi-permanent exhibition in September on the arrow sash of L'Assomption. 

“She is known worldwide, but less here. France Hervieux has a collection of arrow sashes dating back several hundred years and some recent ones, I find it very relevant because the Old Palace was once a trading post for Hudson's Bay and arrow sashes there were sold.”

On the road with the family

Marie-Annick and her spouse, Karl Tremblay, singer of the Fringants Cowboys, will introduce Quebec to their daughters this summer.

“Family time is going to be on the road. Sometimes, we will stay an extra day in a beautiful area to enjoy it. We are going to organize our schedule so that everyone has fun.”

Marie-Annick is happy, quite simply, and moves forward with confidence. 

“I find that the quarantine suits me very well. I feel good about myself and I assume more on stage solo. I think that once you are in your forties, you make fewer compromises, you know where you are going,” she said.

The show “La belle tour is broadcast every Monday at 8 p.m. on TVA.