Marie-Claude Nichols excluded from caucus: a “surreal” situation, according to Marie Montpetit

Marie-Claude Nichols expelled from the caucus: an “sur” situation, according to Marie Montpetit


The exclusion from caucus of MNA for Vaudreuil Marie-Claude Nichols from the Quebec Liberal Party (PLQ) is causing discontent among political analysts who describe the situation as “completely surreal”.  

An MP since 2014, Ms. Nichols was newly elected to caucus for a third time.

After being kicked out of the shadow cabinet on Thursday morning for refusing the responsibilities that she was offered, she was expelled from the PLQ caucus.

“In a political party, you have to organize yourself to have as many people as possible to be a political force, commented political analyst Marie Montpetit to QUB radio. You manage so that everyone finds their account. It is clear that Ms. Anglade creates a vacuum around her, she does a lot of layoffs and people are being thanked.”

In November 2021, so that Ms. Montpetit was a Member of Parliament in the riding of Maurice-Richard, she had suffered the same treatment that was reserved for Ms. Nichols.

“At the time of my exclusion, no one called me to tell me explain why I was excluded, she recalled. Dominique Anglade has never communicated with me or the members of his cabinet, that's not the way to do things.”

The PLQ thus loses a player within its party, going from 21 to 20 elected.

“It's only been three weeks since the election took place, recalled Marie Montpetit. The job of the party leader is to bring together and ensure the unity of a caucus. Dominique Anglade's job is to organize himself so that it works with his deputies. She has a serious stake in how she judges her caucus.”