“Mariupol” — “Dynamo”: online broadcast of the match championship of Ukraine

«Мариуполь» — «Динамо»: онлайн-трансляция матча чемпионата Украины

Wednesday, September 25, at stadium of a name of Vladimir Boiko, the Mariupol will be transferred match 4-go round of the championship of Ukraine on football between principled opponents of the eponymous local club and Kiev “Dynamo” (beginning at 17:00).

“FACTS” will hold an online broadcast of the meeting of wards of Alexander Babych and Oleksiy Mykhailychenko, for which you will be able to follow the news.

“Mariupol” — in orange, the Dynamo — in white-blue

In the day they held a traditional MD organizational meeting with the participation of judges, officials of the Premier League and team representatives. In particular, approved of the color forms that will take the field the hosts and guests. Mariupol will appear before the fans in the orange kit (the goalkeeper in grey), and Kiev — in white shirts and blue shorts (goalie in black).

«Мариуполь» — «Динамо»: онлайн-трансляция матча чемпионата Украины

Words before the match

Alexander Babich, head coach of “Mariupol”: “Crisis in Dynamo? This too loudly. Kiev lacked implementation. Perhaps because of this, there are some problems of the psychological plan. But Dynamo won two matches, but in Poltava and scored five goals. And let’s not forget that our opponent players into two squads. And we have — disqualification, injury.

But we are ready to play both physically and psychologically. Work with a good mood. If you think not about the result, but about the game, will be the result. We don’t want to miss and score. With a density of teams in the standings, every point scored is important.”

«Мариуполь» — «Динамо»: онлайн-трансляция матча чемпионата Украины

Alexander Babich

Rustam Khudzhamov, the goalkeeper of “Mariupol”: “In my life it so happened that when Alexei Mikhailichenko was the head coach of “Dinamo” in the last time, I was training with the first team. I believe I did three of the Champions League match in stock. As for his second coming on the coaching bridge, you can see that the team is rebuilt. The Dynamo have won two in a row — and it certainly gives strength and adds self-confidence. Dynamo is a team that each year declares their claim to the championship, winning the Cup and getting into the group stage of the Champions League. I do not think that in a duel with one of the giants of our football “Mariupol” be easy”

«Мариуполь» — «Динамо»: онлайн-трансляция матча чемпионата Украины

Rustam Khudzhamov was a pupil of the Kiev “Dynamo”

The long road to the sea

On the coast of the Azov sea Kiev Dynamo traveled eight hours (the road to the “white-blue” lost in the Atlantic ocean the island of Madeira, where the team played a Europa League match against cs marítimo, took less time — seven hours). The fact that the Zaporozhye airport will be closed for repairs, and the Dynamo had to fly in the sky, and then another 400 miles by bus to Mariupol, where the team was staying in the hotel “Reikartz”.

Cadrointhe first question

A delegation of the “Dinamo” — 18 players, including another who has not played this season for the first team Zambrano Peruvian and Brazilian Sickly, and Shepelev, not degrassi meeting in Poltava due to damage.

At the same time in the “white-blue” are missing injured Burda and Kadiri and Mikolenko, who the coaching staff gave the stay (September 29, from Kiev — the home game with the “Dnepr-1”, and 3 October in Switzerland “Lugano”).

«Мариуполь» — «Динамо»: онлайн-трансляция матча чемпионата Украины

“Burda injured his knee in a game situation. A comprehensive survey has shown that it requires a diagnostic surgical intervention in the form of arthroscopy of the knee. During this procedure will set the final diagnosis, we will know the degree and nature of intra-articular damage and the recovery time will be communicated later. Arthroscopic surgery is scheduled for next week in Spain in the clinic of Professor Ramon Cugat.

In addition, muscle trauma in Kadiri. Another two weeks he’ll be treated, then begin physical rehabilitation”, — quotes the official website of the capital club of a doctor of FC “Dynamo” Leonid Mironov.

As for the “Mariupol”, because of removal from the field in the last game against Zorya will miss the match… ex-Dynamo Fedorchuk. In addition, injured Fomin, fists and tankovskiy.

«Мариуполь» — «Динамо»: онлайн-трансляция матча чемпионата Украины

The meeting with Vorskla ended for the Dynamo defender Nikita Burda serious injury

The referee from Odessa

Meeting in Mariupol trusted to judge the team of arbitrators, headed by 35-year-old inhabitant of Odessa Dmitry Bondarenko, who will be assisted by Maxim Chertolyas from Kherson and Alexander Holodinsky from Kharkov (fourth official — Kharkov Dmitry Krivushkin).

«Мариуполь» — «Динамо»: онлайн-трансляция матча чемпионата Украины

The referee from Odessa Dmitry Bondarenko

The situation in the standings

The Dynamo went to Azov city, ending last Sunday his nightmare chetyrehmatchevaya series without a win in the Premier League (5:0 on the field of Poltava “Vorskla”). This success allowed the team of Mickle and 11 points (and a game in hand) to climb to fifth place in the table of the Premier League.

In turn, “Mariupol” in the previous match played a draw (0:0) on the strong “Dawn” and with 9 points (and a game in hand) is the eighth opozicii.


The story encounters in the Premier League consists of 42 matches. “Dynamo” has won 35 matches, five ended in a draw, and two, the victory went to priazove (one success enabled at that time still Illichivets remain in the elite division, while the second was produced in the offices of officials when they refused to go to Mariupol, where at that time was unsafe).

Forecast bookmakers

Analysts bookmakers in the upcoming fight give an overwhelming advantage to the team of Oleksiy Mykhailychenko. For example, “Parimatch” bet on the victory of “Dynamo” accepts with a factor of 1.29, the draw — 5,50, the success of Mariupol and 10.50.


Photo of FC “Dynamo”, FC “Mariupol”

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