“Mariupol” were defeated in the Netherlands and left the Europa League: the match highlights of the match


«Мариуполь» без шансов уступил в Нидерландах и покинул Лигу Европы: видеообзор матча

Thursday, August 15, “Mariupol” at the stadium “Kars jeans” in the Hague held the second leg of the third qualifying round of the Europa League against the Dutch AZ.

AZ (Alkmaar, Netherlands) — Mariupol (Ukraine) — 4:0

“Mariupol”: Khudzhamov, Bulls (Kornienko, 46), Jaworski, And Korotenko, Polehenko, Fedorchuk, Tankovskiy, Kiryukhantsev, Mishnev (Kaschuk, 83), Churko (Topalov, 70), Vakula.

Goals: Stings (20), Uvean (44), Wuytens (62), Jaworski (90, own goal).

The first match — 0:0.

Bout a week ago in Odessa, was held with full advantage, and only luck and confident game in goal Rustam Khudzhamov allowed “Mariupol” save zero count. Although the mentor Azovtsev stated before the return match that his players know how to play with AZ, any illusions of a match in the Hague to feed was not necessary.

The twists and turns of the game only confirmed the fears of the Ukrainian fans. Despite the fact that the game was held on a neutral field (we will remind, the match was moved from Alkmaar to the Hague due to the collapsed roof at the home stadium of AZ — “AFAS”), and even on artificial turf, which was unusual for both teams, the Dutch club has not allowed to doubt the advantage.

Guests kept their goal intact until the 20th minute, when after class a pass against Stangs went to the gate and shot past the goalkeeper. Not to say that the charges of Oleksandr Babych “dug in” at the gate and only fought, but also special moments at gate of owners and remember. But AZ just before the break doubled their advantage thanks to an accurate shot Aveena lapping with the stand.

After the break, the players of “Mariupol” actively ran forward (to lose already wasn’t much), the moments began to arise at gate of the rival, as in the case of strikes Churko and Jaworski from outside the penalty area, but all ended for the wards of Alexander Babic two missed goal in the 62nd minute, the defenders do not keep track of his counterpart Vatanam at the corner, and on the 90th Jaworski deflected the ball into his own net after a cross from the left flank.

Thus, “Mariupol” now focus on performance in domestic competitions, and AZ in the round of the playoffs will play with Belgian “Antwerp”, which is due on away goals in the ex-Dynamo Mbokani defeated on aggregate in extra time Czech “Victoria”.


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